Our girls won 6th place out of 19 teams in the Istanbul Beach Rugby International Tournament. As high school students, they competed against seniors.

The Rugby League Academy of our club was formed in 2010 and brings together girls and boys of all ages with the aim of crating strong foundations for our sport in Belgrade and Serbia. Most of Red Star first basemen are a product of the quality work of out Academy. Currently, we have 37 boys (cadets and juniors) and 14 girls in our system, but the trend of membership growth is constant. A professional team of 6 certified trainers is in charge of the professional work of the Academy.

Our women’s section is a novelty in our club and brings together girls of all ages with the aim of promoting out sport and breaking the stereotype of rugby as men’s sport. First of all, our girls train hardcore rugby, a contactless, inclusive version of rugby, but they are increasingly interested in competitive rugby. We invite all interested girls to contact us and join us for training. Rugby for girls is free. Expert work with girls is conducted by 3 coaches.