Guess who’s back?

Red Star Belgrade is very pleased to announce that Phil Economidis has returned to Belgrade in August 2019 and will coach the Serbian and Balkan Super League Champions in 2020.

The players and management of the club were all unanimous that there was only one candidate for the position, and once Phil was contacted the decision was made quickly on all sides.

Managing Director, Colin Kleyweg stated for RLK Crvena zvezda:

“The opportunity to work again with Phil is a major step for a club of our current size, but fits our ambition to be bigger in the future. Our ethos is about relationships and loyalty, so when the opportunity arose for this position it was a very simple process for us – contact the right person for the job, make the offer and deliver all of our promises. That is what we want to become known for in the game of rugby league.”

“After last year success I’v build a good rapport with Colin Kleyweg and Željko Delić and indeed with the playing group. So it was very easy decision for me to make to come back to the Red Star family. We’ve built a winning culture in the club and it is gratifying for me to be involved in a club that is going forward.”

Q: What do you like about Serbia?
“Belgrade is magnificent city and I feel very much in tune with people here and friendships that I’ve made here are based on mutual respect.”

Q: Phil, you have mentioned playing group earlier, what is special about them?
“The team hasn’t been beaten in 2 years on Serbian soil which speaks volumes for their tenacity and resilience. They are very coachable and eager to learn and that makes my job so much easier. They approach every challenge in a proffesional manner and are disciplined in their preparation. I also share their aspiration to go to next level.”

Q: Communication? Is there language barrier?
“No, not at all. As I rely on the senior playing group to give every player full comprehension of what we are doing. Plus I know all the swear words 😀 😀 :D”

Q: What are your plans for incoming season?
“I think in 2020 we can’t rest on our achievements and need to raise the bare even higher. For the first time we are doing a proper preseason program and the club has introduces some great initiatives which will help us achieve our goals.”

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