Sponsors and partners for year 2020.

Red Kangaroo is a Serbian company firmly attached to Australia. Established by experienced traders with over 30 years of experience. They are based in Perth, Australia. Red Kangaroo uses the team's expertise to customize the design of advertising campaigns, websites and other online content.

KCTT Serbia offers consulting services in the construction, transport and integrated transport planning sectors.

Innovo Consulting offers consulting services in the construction, transport, and integrated transport planning sectors. It was founded in June 2012 under a contract with the Australian firm KC Traffic and Transport in Perth. Innovo Consulting provides its partners with a wide range of consulting services.


Over the last decade, T&D Supplies LTD has built a strong reputation for the quality of service they provide. As industrial suppliers, they have strong relationships with one of the leading companies within Hull and the surrounding areas.

Online bookmaker and casino. Meridan bet offers the largest selection of online betting events and odds. Deals include sports betting, live betting, online casinos, numbers, and special event betting. In Meridian bet you can also bet on rugby, rugby league as well as star matches in domestic and international matches.

A leading York-based company installs and repairs roofs and roofing.

Lasta is a leader in road passenger transport in Serbia and Southeastern Europe and one of the leading brands in our country. With a long tradition, experienced staff, and our fleet of 900 buses today, we travel over 80 million kilometers a year and carry over 100 million passengers.

The Belgrade-based startup, which is confidently capturing the domestic market with healthy and tasty raw, unheated honey products, with natural additions of raspberry, apricot, plum, organic cocoa and ginger, is now reaching the foreign market after a successful appearance at the Cologne Food Fair, with support PKS.

Rugby Festival Events LTD is designed to increase interest in the rugby league. So far they have 2 successfully organized and implemented rugby 9 tournaments in London. 

Smart City is an association formed by experienced professionals in the fields of architecture, urban planning, transportation, landscape architecture and information technology. They believe the city becomes smart when it invests in a sustainable, innovative, integrative and holistic approach to urban development.