Academy of rugby league club Red Star is the most important project in our communities. The attitude towards the younger categories and the people who first meet the rugby ball and become familiar with the sport itself must be perfect. That's why we have a team of professionals who carefully create workouts and exercises that guys and girls will put first to perform. The idea, as the realization it self, is being implemented by our junior coach, and our player Vladislav Dedić.

Red Stars academy offers something completely different and something unique in player development both on and off the field. By teaching them how to recognize the right things, and using experience as their strongest weapon, we create unforgettable moments that will shape them in the distant future and help them along the way to become what they want. Our goal is to be the best rugby league academy in Serbia and then outside our country.

That the effort is worth it, both from our side and from our younger categories, the best indicator is the tournament held on 14.03.2020. where the Red Star had three representatives. Two teams under 13 that won first and second place, and a team under 15 that won third place. After less than three months of training, Congratulations!


In our academy, everyone has fun playing rugby league, practicing movements closely specialized in rugby itself. They also need to find a solution in the given situations, using their skills, collaborating with teammates and effectively applying the knowledge gained in training to be able to play rugby on RED STARS way. They are trained by our aforementioned junior coach Vladislav and he strives for the players to participate with all their heart. If you want to learn more or are interested in starting coaching, you may enroll your child in a trial. Please visit the contact page by clicking here, and chose the easiest way for you to contact us and get all the information you seek.