What is Rugby League?

Rugby league is a contact sport between two teams of thirteen players played on rectangular turf. The league is one of two codes in the rugby world, and comes from the famous 1895 rugby union in the English language. The split was due to a problem with player payments. The rules of the rugby league were then significantly altered to produce a more engaging game that would appeal to viewers more.

Often quoted as one of the toughest and most physically demanding team sports, in the rugby league the goal is for the ball to be carried or kicked toward the opponent's scoring zone by putting the ball into that zone: this is called an "esej" in Serbia. After the try has been scored, the scoring team gets a chance to increase their lead by adding points by trying to kick the ball between the tripods, this is called a conversion. The opposition will try to stop the attacking side by knocking the player off the ball with the rules prescribed moves.

The Rugby League preserves its place in culture and history in the places where it is played. The European Super League and the Australian National Rugby League are the most elite club competitions. Rugby League is an international sport predominantly represented in Europe, Australia, and the Pacific. The current world champion is the Australian team.

The goal in rugby league is to score as many points in 80 minutes through tries, conversions and drop shots against the opposing team. If the result is a draw at the end of both halves, 40 minutes each, the result may be accepted or continued in the so-called extra time according to the rules of the golden point (the first following point). This of course depends on the competition system.

Scoring a try is the most common way of getting points on the match by running with the ball or kicking it towards the opponent's goal zone, or pass the ball to avoid opponents defenders. Try is scored with placing the ball on the line or try zone and its value is 4 points. Conversion after scored try, if it is successful, is worth 2 points the same as conversion after penalty. Dropkick from the play is worth 1 point.

A rugby dog ​​or pass can only be done backwards or sideways. In this case, the teammates have to be slightly backwards relative to the player with the ball to receive the pass, this is very important during the shot, because the players who at that moment come in front of the player who sent the shot, they are in the offside position. Only a player with the ball can be knocked down. The player is knocked down the moment his further movement is disabled, or when he is lowered to the ground. The attacking side has a maximum of 6 attempts in one possession before the possession of the ball is replaced. Having a ball is a very important item.