Utakmice ragbi lige možete gledati na sledećI naČin

Recast je revolucionarna platforma koja približava fanovima njihove omiljene klubove. Recast predstavlja pravo mesto na kome možete gledati utakmice Ragbi lig kluba Crvena zvezda. Sve što je potrebno je da se besplatno prijavite i odaberete video koji želite da pogledate. Ukoliko vam ponestane Recast kredita uvek možete pogledati par reklama i na taj način obezbediti dovoljno kredita za gledanje naših utakmica. Uživajte!

Patreon platform is intended for true Red Star fans and members of our big rugby league family. Within the platform, our friends and fans are the first to learn big news related to the club and participate in making big decisions, have the opportunity to communicate directly with the players and to view the replay of the match first (via a special link to the VIMEO platform specially created for them). This is not all because the pictures, videos, comments, audios, links and much more are first posted to our most loyal followers on patreon.

Patreon is not just an ordinary platform, but a place that by its very existence provides some job positions for our players. The greater the number of users, the more employed players.

Check out the plan below:

With 200 Patreon users we will employ 2 other temporary junior coaches to spread rugby league stories around Serbia and to introduce the youth to this sport.

With 500 Patreon users will hire 2 players to work with the camera and provide training in working with and advertising on social networks.

With 1000 Patreon users we will run a specialist mental health clinic in sports and developing self-confidence, all on a monthly basis for our male and female team members.

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